Management Team

Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor - Co-founder and Creative Director

With more than 25 years of filmmaking experience, five-time Oscar® winner Richard Taylor is the creative locomotive of Weta Workshop.

Richard engages with, and injects his highly contagious passion and tenacity into every project that enters the Weta Workshop design and production pipeline.

Tania Rodger

Tania Rodger - Co-founder and Workshop Manager

Since starting the business with Richard Taylor in 1987, Tania has gradually left Richard to the creative endeavours of the workshop to apply her talents in our associated businesses.

A partner in the Roxy Cinema as well as co-owner and director of Stardog LP and Pukeko Pictures she somehow manages to fit in crew induction, health & safety and archiving at Weta.

David Wilks

David Wilks - General Manager

David is the business-focused right-hand man of the creative co-owners of Weta Workshop, ensuring everything we do matches the quality and workmanship of our creative endeavours.

Dave's broad experience and contagious enthusiasm coupled with an adventurous nature means Weta Workshop is open, willing and able to take on any challenge.

Grant Bensley

Grant Bensley - Head of Production

Grant manages all new business requirements and shares the responsibility with the Head of the Design Studio.

He and his experienced production team work with clients to resolve the brief, budget and schedule to ensure the client gets exactly what they need, when they need it.

Rik Athorne

Rik Athorne - Head of Design Studio

Rik oversees the day to day operations of the Design Studio managing a large team of concept artists and creative problem solvers providing unique design, creative and development services to the creative industries. Part of the senior management team, Rik helps drive the company’s strategic initiatives; attending to key client, creative and business needs. His favourite movie vehicles are Ecto-1 and the DeLorean!

Rob Gillies

Rob Gillies - Workshop Supervisor

Rob Gillies spearheads the manufacturing process from quoting and planning through art direction, fabrication and onto delivery and support on-set. His entire team takes responsibility for delivering excellence at every turn.

Rob has the ability to bring in any skill at short notice from an extensive network of experienced contractors.

Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt - Head of Corporate Services

Weta Workshop's Corporate Services team, headed up by Greg Hunt, provides infrastructure for the team to deliver to agreed deadlines and budgets by making sure the legal, financial and human resources wheels of the Workshop machinery turn.

Greg's team is also responsible for security and integrity of the workshop premises and its IT infrastructure.

Jake Downing

Jake Downing - Head of Tourism

Weta Workshop's fledgling Tourism division incorporating the Weta Cave Workshop Tour and the Weta Cave Shop is run by Jake Downing.

Jake's team of 'Cave Dwellers' and workshop-technicians-cum-Tour-Guides make sure 200,000 annual visitors to Weta Workshop get a truly memorable experience.

Erik Hay

Erik Hay - Head of Media & Communications

Weta Workshop is packed with great stories about projects, products, and people too. It’s Erik’s job to tell those stories. His team provides the industry and fans with a glimpse behind-the-scenes in press, online and at events. Sadly, we can’t have everyone on the Workshop floor, but the Media and Communications team will get you as close as possible.

Ri Streeter

Ri Streeter - Assistant to Richard Taylor

Ri is responsible for wrangling and supporting the executive team of Weta Workshop which makes her the hub around which creativity and business development swirl in finely balanced symbiosis.

Raashi Sheehan

Raashi Sheehan - PA to David Wilks

Raashi is the right-hand woman to General Manager David Wilks, working behind the scenes to ensure David’s day-to-day runs like a well-oiled machine. An organiser extraordinaire with many hats, Raashi can also be found coordinating Weta Workshop crew events.

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