Iconic Ghost in the Shell set-piece now in Weta Cave

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In the lead-up to Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures’ Ghost in the Shell U.S. premiere in New York on 29 March, an iconic costume from the film has been unveiled at the Weta Cave on Wellington’s Miramar Peninsula, where it will remain on free public display.

Inside the Chop Shop Vol. 1: Customising your Heavy Hitter with Leonard Ellis!

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With 20 days left to go in our Kickstarter for GKR: Heavy Hitters - Weta Workshop's first ever board game - it's time to talk about what you can do with the unpainted robots you'll receive in the Painter's Edition pledge! Starting with our amazing Middle-earth model-maker, Leonard Ellis, and his customised hot rod Heavy Hitter.

Weta Workshop’s First Kickstarter Funded in 4.5 Hours

Stretch that monkey brain, chomp hard on that mouth guard and prepare to throw down for the hottest board game brawl this side of the megapocalypse. GKR: Heavy Hitters, Weta Workshop’s first ever tabletop game, has launched on Kickstarter - and has already met its funding goal in just 4.5 hours.

Weta Workshop Tops Adam Savage’s ‘Favourite Things’ of 2016

Adam Savage, co-host of the legendary Discovery Channel show Mythbusters, has released a new video naming his favourite things of 2016. At the top of the list: crafting his very own sword at New Zealand’s Weta Workshop.

Bugs Recruit Weta Workshop for Te Papa Exhibition

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Zombies. Fighter pilots. Barbarians. Supermodels. No, they’re not the stars of the latest fantastical blockbuster. This summer, Weta Workshop has collaborated with New Zealand's national museum, Te Papa, for Bug Lab: celebrating the unbelievable creatures that live all around us.

Weta Workshop Goes High-Tech for Spectral

Spectral, the hotly anticipated sci-fi thriller directed by Nic Mathieu and produced by Legendary Pictures,has landed on Netflix. Touted as “Black Hawk Down meets Ghostbusters” (Gizmodo), the film revolves around an elite Special Ops unit who must fight their way through terrifying unseen enemies; but they’ll have help: high-tech props, weapons and costumes by New Zealand’s Weta Workshop.

Workshop Reunites with Legendary for The Great Wall

The Great Wall, a US-China co-production from Legendary, China Film Group, Le Vision Pictures and Atlas Entertainment, with acclaimed director Zhang Yimou at the helm, has a Kiwi connection. Wellington creative design and practical effects facility Weta Workshop contributed concept design and manufactured thousands of weapons, props and costume components for the film at the company’s home base on the Miramar Peninsula.

Inside the World of Gary Hunt Miniatures

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On any given weekday, you’ll find Weta Workshop sculptor Gary Hunt deep in the bowels of the design studio. Hidden behind an ominous black curtain, he’ll be conjuring up magic of the darkest sort: the very latest, top-secret collectibles from Middle-earth. But should you gather the courage to peer a little bit closer into the nooks and crannies, you’ll discover that Gary has a long and successful career building creatures, characters, and whole worlds entirely of his own making.

Temporary Cave Extension Underway


The Weta Cave is getting bigger this summer. On November 16, work will commence on Weta Workshop’s retail store and tourism offering on the Miramar Peninsula in Wellington, New Zealand. The temporary extension, which adds approximately 30 square metres to the current space, will allow the Cave to accommodate visitor numbers for the upcoming season, projected to be its busiest yet.

Building a Book: David Tremont Creates Guide to Model Making

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The words “David Tremont” and “model maker” go together a bit like robots and ray guns. So it should be no surprise, then, that the long-time Weta Workshop stalwart is the creator of a brand new book all about the terrific art of model making. A how-to guide of epically entertaining proportions, Build Stuff & Let Slip the Androids of War is an ode to making stuff with your hands, designed to inform, inspire, and hopefully provoke a giggle or two in the process.

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